Grace HPLC-kolonner tillgängliga igen!

Grace HPLC-kolonner finns nu återigen tillgängliga.
Vi är glada att kunna meddela att vi från och med nu säljer Grace kolonner via Scantec Nordics befintliga kolonnleverantör Hichrom Limited

I Mars 2016 meddelade Grace Discovery Sciences oss på Scantec att de lägger ner all sin försäljning av kromatografiprodukter inkluderat flertalet LC-material. Detta ställde så klart till problem både för oss och för våra kunder.

En bra lösning har arbetats fram och några av Grace tidigare kolonnmärken har blivit uppköpta av Hichrom Limited som är en av Scantec Nordics befintliga kolonnleverantörer.
Därmed finns återigen Grace kolonnmaterial tillgängliga på marknaden; Vydac, Alltima, Alltima HP, Prevail, Apollo, Allsep, Apex och Genesis.

Hichoms hemsida finns mer information. 

Även på Grace hemsida finns information. 

Meddelandet från Hichrom

Grace HPLC Brands Acquired by Hichrom
Original Columns Still Available!

Hichrom are pleased to announce we have acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture Vydac, Alltima, Alltima HP, Prevail, Apollo, Allsep, Apex and Genesis analytical HPLC column ranges from Grace. Manufacture is to identical protocols and to the same exacting specifications previously used by Grace/Alltech. Part numbers also remain unaffected by this acquisition.
Based in the UK, Hichrom are a leading European manufacturer and distributor of UHPLC and HPLC columns, consumables and media, with manufacturing facilities accredited to both ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) standards.
Hichrom has an unrivalled reputation for excellent technical support, outstanding quality, competitively priced products and fast delivery. We specialise in the development, manufacture and supply of a wide range of high quality HPLC and UHPLC columns for the complete range of applications from capillary, microbore, rapid analysis and LC-MS to preparative-scale dimensions. We also offer chromatography training, technical and applications support, a column screening and batch reservation service and a custom packing facility. Our products are available throughout the world via our international network of distributors.
Contact us for further information or assistance.
Hichrom Limited, 1 The Markham Centre,
Station Road, Theale, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4PE, UK
+44 (0) 0118 930 3660

The following Grace/Alltech products are now available from Hichrom:

  • Vydac - Bioseparations columns for peptide and protein analyses (includes Vydac TP, Vydac MS, Vydac Everest and Vydac Denali)
  • Alltima HP - Premium quality, exceptionally stable columns, without phase bleed
  • Alltima - High quality general purpose HPLC columns
  • Prevail - Compatible with 100% aqueous to 100% organic mobile phase   
  • Allsep Anion - Anion exchange phase for suppressed and non-suppressed conductivity detection
  • Genesis - Range of phases for routine and legacy methods
  • Apollo - Recommended for routine analyses
  • Apex - Recommended for routine analyses