Scantec Nordic AB

Scantec Lab, started in 1973 by Folke Andersson and Rolf Bosvik and has been strongly focused on accessories and consumables for chromatography.
The subsidiary Scantec Environmental, founded in 2004, has served as a distributor of portable measuring equipment for industrial and environmental applications.

Following the merger of the companies in November 2013, the operations are jointly carried out in Scantec Nordic.

Scantec Nordic is the country's largest distributor of accessories and consumables, as well as instruments for analysis and measurement technology. We sell products and services to industrial companies, consultants and contractors, hospitals, municipalities and county councils as well as universities.

We offer:

  • a large selection of quality products
  • well-known market leaders
  • well-trained and service-oriented staff with extensive experience in the industry
  • Tech Support
  • seminars and training 

Welcome as a customer to us at Scantec Nordic!

Business idea

To sell with high quality knowledge and support


To be the customer's first choice