FROG 5000™ portable GC

Miniature GC for quick analysis of air, soil and water. Applications such as field sampling, work environment measurements, indoor environment, laboratory and field analyzes.

The GC is based on a PID detector as well as a microcolumn and concentration step. Detects from low ppb levels. The measuring range extends from vinyl chloride (MW 62.5) to 2-methylnaphthalene (MW 142.2). Qualitative and quantitative analysis is obtained within 10 minutes.

  • A switch allows the user to scroll back and forth through the results table at the end of an analysis.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries with nine hours continuous use, warning indicator when the batteries need to be charged.
  • Exchangeable microSD card enables data transfer.
  • Injection valve with markings to guide the user.
  • Purification steps with mol sieves and activated charcoal are used both at the introduction of samples and analysis.
  • The FROG 5000 ™ has a new processor that enables the use of the same calibration curves as the Ellvin software.

Data Sheet