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Kurser & Aktiviteter

Kurser & Aktiviteter

Vi erbjuder ett stort utbud av kurser hos oss på Scantec Nordic, bland annat XRF- och PID-kurser samt utbildningar inom luftprovtagning och gasdetektering. Vi kan också skräddarsy kundanpassade utbildningar som vi håller på plats hos er.

Webinar med Markes International:

Markes International
Tisdag 26 september, kl 17:00
"Balancing lab sustainability and expanding VOC monitoring requirements for air analysis"

"This webinar is important as we’ll convey the benefits of our TD from a sustainability perspective highlighting that Markes’ TD is organic solvent-free, cryogen-free and helium-free, while discussing case studies where air monitoring lists are growing in complexity, such as in ozone precursor monitoring, air toxics, and organic ozone-depleting substances. In each case study, as well as looking at how the methodology can meet the requirements of monitoring, we will also discuss how the method can be made more sustainable, ensuring longevity and accountability.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about proposed changes to monitoring of ozone precursors in Europe, air toxics in the USA and ozone depleting substances in China
  • How sustainability can be introduced into laboratories analysing organic compounds, with a focus on air monitoring
  • What the challenges are when adopting a more sustainable approach, and tools available to help facilitate the conversion process"

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